Sorbos Edible Straws

Plastic straws, like so many other things in life, have become part of the everyday.  Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re using them, it’s just become habit, but it is a habit that is inflicting serious problems on our planet.   


Whether it’s in a cocktail on a night out, in our morning smoothie or for our children having their breakfast at school, straws are everywhere. 

At SORBOS we’ve found the perfect solution. 


The world's first edible straw is taking the market by storm thanks to its fantastic quality and variety of flavours.  We don’t even use any plastic in the creation process and our packaging is biodegradable. 


Perfect for cocktails and smoothies, SORBOS straws can even be customised to feature your brand and at just 24 calories, your guests will love them! 


  • They look fabulous in cocktails and smoothies

  • They make a great talking point with your guests

  • Your bar staff can tailor the flavours to the drinks

  • They can be branded with your logo or a great message

  • Be amongst the first hotels to offer the most innovative solutions to plastic waste.  

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