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There are numerous places in hotels where single-use cups and glasses can be found and you're probably going to need different solutions for each of these places.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing alternatives.  Reusable alternatives are definitely more cost effective in the medium term and implementing new procedures can be easier than you might think.

This mini guide covers everything you need to know about reducing and eliminating single-use plastic cups so that you can make the best decision based on your business requirements.


Single-Use Plastic Cups and Glasses

3,99 €Precio
    • The pros and cons of single-use plastic cups
    • How your hotel can be part of the solution to reducing pollution from plastic cups
    • What is the best alternative for your business including a useful table with operational considerations for different materials
    • Why paper cups and bio-plastic cups are not necessarily the right solution
    • Hygiene of reusable cups
    • Top Tips to minimise losses of cups
    • Cups and glasses checklist.
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