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FabLittleBag is a patented British invention created to address aquatic pollution caused by the flushing of sanitary items, and to finally provide women with a disposal solution that actually feels good, as opposed to awkward, and embarrassing.


They are partly made from corn starch and are biodegradable, and come in handy refillable packs or in a gorgeous dispenser for the bathroom.

What goes on behind the bathroom door?  It probably won't be a surprise to maintenance and facilities managers that 60% of the British tampon users still flush them down the toilet but it might be a surprise to the rest of us! 


This habit is unlikely to change whilst on holiday. There are a host of negative impacts for you to consider: there is a potential cost to your business associated with having to professionally deal with blockages, also the awkwardness and impression that that gives your guests, there is the impact upon destination infrastructure and, what the whole world is focussed on right now; the pollution to the oceans. Finally there is a stylish successful solution invented in the UK, embraced by 6 UK Water companies, and sold internationally;


FabLittleBag is totally unique, opens with one hand, is opaque and seals closed, made partly from corn starch and is biodegradable. Hotels can finally help to encourage guests not to flush, reducing blockages and pollution whilst giving their guests an enhanced disposal experienced. It is the details that make all the difference and the details that get noticed by guests.

To date most hotels provide a small number of ‘bad plastic’ sanitary bags in the hotel room, or there are paper options (which come with their own environmental impacts and user challenges), many hotels opt for the cheapest non-biodegradable plastic ones.  Sanitary bags tend to be large, semi  see-through and do not seal, which can result in unwelcome odours, particularly in warmer climates. They simply do not provide any discretion for the guest.  

The stylish dispensers are a welcomed addition to the bathroom and allow you to get your positive “We care about you and the environment” message out to your guests whilst ensuring that the women and girls enjoy an enhanced disposal experience they will remember and appreciate


  • They make sense to women everywhere!

  • It shows you've considered the issues and found a great solution

  • They can be co-branded with your name and logo

  • You can offer them for sale so that guests can continue to use them even when they've left your hotel.


​"I am glad that I found your product... What's mostly available these days are (at least partially) transparent bags. Who designs these? I mean it may be fine as long as you are using your bathroom alone, but if you are on vacation and share the bathroom with friends, and if the bucket does not even have a lid on it... No thanks. :)

I prefer a more discreet option, that leaves more to the imagination and (also important) is sealed shut.” 



FabLittleBag, the best disposal method.  Period.

Do Good, Feel Good

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