Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic 

If we want to minimise single use plastics, we need alternatives that can do the same job or be even better. 


You'll find a list of innovative suppliers here who have quite literally invented their products with the sole objective of reducing plastic.

Our hats are officially off to these brilliant minds!


Changing the world one water bottle at a time.  Water-To-Go bottles filter 99.9% of microbiological material from fresh water sources giving you safe clean drinking water when travelling and helping you to significantly reduce single-use plastic

Portable Water Filtration System for clean drinking water on the go

Chillys Bottles

Helping us move from a disposable to a reusable lifestyle, Chilly's bottles are a stylish and convenient way to take hot or cold drinks on the go, with a variety of designs and sizes to suit everyone.

Stylish, Convenient alternatives to bottled water

Plaine Products

Plaine Products exists to offer an easy solution: vegan products in aluminum bottles that can be returned to be sterilized, refilled and reused. Not only does Plaine Products make it easy to reuse, but the very existence of our products creates awareness and reminds people to more carefully consider the sustainability of their choices when making a purchase. 

Refillable Bathroom Amenities

Cloud Cloth

CloudCloth® is an eco-conscious British beauty brand founded in 2017. We believe caring for your skin should be a simple, natural daily ritual that makes you feel brilliant inside and out.

Our mission is to enhance the health of your body and mind without sacrificing the health of our planet.

Plastic Free Luxury Cleansing

Fab Little Bag

Give your guests the best sanitary disposal method in the world, reduce unwelcome blockages, and help protect our rivers and oceans.  


FabLittleBag is a patented British invention created to address aquatic pollution caused by .........

Preventing Marine Pollution

Moving Beans

A group of coffee-lovers with years of experience in roasting and making delicious coffee met a group of science-lovers with years of experience in developing environmentally-friendly materials.

Realizing that a lot of people love the effortless convenience of coffee capsules, but are increasingly concerned about the waste they generate...

Reducing Plastic one pod at a time


You can say YES to these straws.

The world's first edible straws look and taste fantastic.  Perfect for cocktails and smoothies, just make sure you don't eat it before you've finished drinking!

Edible Straws


Tasini, a reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic waste in the shape of marine animals.


The small turtle, octopus, shark or manta rays are eco-ambassadors raising awareness about plastic pollution and at the same time function as a fashionable accessory. 

Reusable Shopping Bags

Panda Packaging

Panda Packaging design, distribute and customise completely natural products to replace plastics. We believe products that are natural, eco-friendly, organic, and made with love & care are the best way forward.

Bamboo and Coconut Wood Utensils

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We'll always be adding to this list, so keep checking back in with us.  If you've got a great alternative product you'd like us to consider featuring, do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. 

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